Rainy Day Blues

Well, it’s been a few months since my last post, back in December when I started my website up again. It’s been a busy time, what with Christmas and all. No excuse perhaps, but my focus has been on other things and activities…

Today, I’m catching up. Well, just a little anyway. It’s been raining a lot the last few days and what better to do on a rainy day but be nice, warm and dry sitting at my PC. I’ve been revisiting my art, and looking back at old pieces I came across this one. Perfect for a blog post I thought. Then had to refresh myself on how to get into my site and create it. It’s only been what? 8 or 9 weeks since I posted last? There is just so much happening, and so much to do and so much to occupy my mind. Tomorrow, I hope to continue the clean up in the garden as the hedge trimmer man is coming later in the week. I think tropical cyclone Dovi is fizzing out, or moving on perhaps. Which means my lovely little time frame messing with art and photos will go on hold once more. Ah well. I can’t complain really. Many people have flooding issues while I’ve been playing… – The Mage

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