So, who exactly is the 'Image Mage'?

Not some mystical, magical being. Rather, an ordinary woman. A wife, a mother, a grandmother.  Just someone who likes to create a bit of magic...

My name is Thysje Arthur. Born in the Netherlands, I have lived in New Zealand most of my life and I've always been keen on artistic pursuits - drawing, painting, dancing, music... and during my working life I was a freelance graphic designer. 

Two decades ago I was given my first digital camera. A small point and shoot that began my love affair with the captured image. It wasn't too many years before I graduated to a DSLR.

I also began using many of my images in works of art. And so, here I am, showcasing my work...

Thank you for being here! Thanks for looking at my work!      - The Mage. 

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